Counselling and Therapy

Advance Psychology Consulting - Counselling and Therapy services

Counselling or Therapy is the process where people enter into conversations with their Psychologist or Counsellor to achieve changes in their lives.  It involves discussion and exploration of the issues that are troubling, and what we would like to be different.  It involves exploring our thoughts, feelings, our behaviours and the meanings we make surrounding these issues.  Through this process we explore what we want to be different or change, and what we want the same. Through these conversatinos we become more clear about the goals we want for our lives, we reach new understandings, we achieve clarity about how to influence the direction and outcomes of our lives, we become more of an agent in our own lives.  Ultimately we gain more influence over the problems we face, we reduce their influence on our lives, we make changes, and we begin to live our lives in preferred ways, with happier relationships, improved outcomes and fulfilling lives.


There are many different types and styles of therapy.  Some more focused on Behaviours, some focused on Emotions, some more focused on Thoughts or Cognitions, some combining all these elements.  Others focus upon the Thoughts and Meanings we create about ourselves or our experience and intereactions with others and and their impact upon our behavours, our beliefs and values. Through examining these and their influences, we can reach new understandings, create new meanings, make new decisions, and take different directions, and behave in different ways.


Research shows that it is not the style or type of therapy that makes the difference in counselling, but rather, the nature of the relationship between you and your therapist that contributes to the most change.   You are the 'expert' in your own life and counselling or therapy should focus upon what is supporting or assisting you to make the changes you want in your life.  The therapy should be client centred, respectful and collaborative.  Counsellng or therapy supports you in, developing your own strengths, clarifying your values and needs, behaving in your preffered ways, and, achieving your goals in life, relationships and interactions with others.  These principles underpin Brod's work as a therapist.


We all experience things in our lives that get in the way or hold us back or restrain us from doing things, from being the way we want to be, or moving forward in ways we prefer for our lives.  These restraints may be experiences or interactions, beliefs or values about ourselves or others. Counselling or therapy will enable you to deal with these restraints, to focus upon your values, beliefs and abilities that you appreciate in yourself.  It will enable you to take charge, and allow you to take more responsibility for your own life, to become more of the expert in your own life and be your own agent of change and happiness.