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Brodrick Osborne

Psychologist - Brodrick Osborne at Advance Psychology Consulting

Brod is a very experienced Psychologist in Cairns and his work as a Psychologist / Counsellor enables him to work with most client groups across a diverse range of areas, issues and problems.  His extensive professional roles and experience are outlined on the next page.


He is a Registered Psychologist & Therapist with professional training and extensive experience in Relationship/Marriage Counselling, Family Therapy, Brief Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Trauma Counselling and Suicide prevention.  Working with Men, Women, Children, and Families; victims and perpetrators. 


Brod has worked across a range of organisations and settings and can confidently and respectfully help you to address and deal with your problems and difficulties.  He has trained in, worked for, and managed some of the largest Counselling Organisations in Australia.  He was privileged to work with and be mentored by Alan Jenkins and the late Michael White, two of the most esteemed therapists in Australia and Internationally.  Michael White established the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide and developed the world renowned therapeutic practices of Narrative Therapy.  Alan Jenkins is well know Nationally and Internationally for his life's work in dealing with Adolescents, Men, Families and the broader systems surrounding perpetrators of Family and Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.  His therapeutic approach is endorsed by the South Australian Government and is a well respected throughout the world for its focus on Responsibility and Accountability, and Healing and concepts of Restorative Justice.


Brod has a special interest in working with Adults, Adolescents and Family dynamics & behaviours.  Brod’s extensive experience in Family Therapy and Relationship counselling enables him to address most Relationship and Family difficulties.  This includes Relationship counselling, family conflicts, family and relationship breakdown and separation; family law related matters, family dispute resolution and family happiness. 


Brod has worked with children, young people, and their families in numerous settings.  This includes large Nationally recognised Counselling Organisations.  Locally, Brod has worked as a Psychologist in one of Cairns' largest Private Secondary Schools.  His experience in these educational and family settings will provide you with a wealth of knoweldge and experience to assist you, your child, adolescent or family with either relationship, school, learning or behavioural issues.


Brod also has particular strengths in working with adolescents and men, their partners, and families around violence and abuse issues.  Having developed extensive expertise in this field in South Australia, a state leading the field in dealing with family violence and abuse.  He has lead programs and services in major Counselling Organisations such as Relationships Australia in S.A. and Qld, Centacare and The Mission.


Brod’s work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, with over 10 years of counselling experience  across Cape York and Cairns with the RFDS and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health service, has also enabled him to develop a good understanding of and sensitivity to the unique issues impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in the Far North.


With this extensive experience and expertise, you can be assured of a Professional, Responsible, and Respectful service.