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Employee Assistance Programs - EAP


For the Employee:

Employee Assistance Programs are Counselling and other Support services offered to you the Employee and are provided by your Employer as a part of your conditinos of employment.  Your Employer forms a contract with an EAP company to provide these services to its employees.  The EAP company usually sub-contracts the services to Private Psychologists to provide these services to you.  These services are strictly Confidential and are usually offered to you FREE as part of your employment with your Employer.  EAP counselling services usually vary between 3 to 6 sessions for you and or members of your family.  You should check the specific details with your organisation or EAP service.  To access your EAP services you should first check with your Employer (Line Mangager, or HR) whether your Organisation is covered by an EAP provider.  If YES, you can usually contact your EAP provider direct to request support.   


Brod Osborne of ADVANCE Psychology Consulting is a registered provider with a Number of major EAP providers in North Queensland.  These EAP providers include; Converge International, ASSURE Programs, Acacia Connections.


If you are seeking services through your EAP provider and it is not listed here, feel free to discuss your unique situation with Brod as he may be able to register with your current EAP service.



For the Employer:

EAP service programs offer many benefits to an organisation and its staff.  EAP services can save you and your business money and time by enhancing your staff wellbeing and enhance productivity.  They can reduce lost time and lost productivity through early intervention and service to both your staff and managers.


An EAP program can be organised to provide a range of Counselling services to staff to address almost any issue, be it workplace related or Personal.  These services can also be extended to direct family members.  Training, staff development, manager support, can also be considered.


If you are a Senior Exectutive or Manager in your Small to Medium size business or Company in the Cairns or Far North region and are looking to establish a responsive, profesional EAP service for your staff/employees, please call Brod Osborne at ADVANCE Psychology Consulting to arrange an obligation free appointment to discuss your organisation's EAP needs.