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Telehealth Services:  Regional, Rural & Remote Areas


Telehealth Services:

Telehealth (Counselling services via Telehealth - Skype, Mobile Apps on your Mobile, iPads or Tablets, Laptops or Computers) are now available for you to access your Psychologist.  You can access these services privately.  OR, if you live in a Rural, Remote or some Regional Towns, you can access a Psychologist over the Internet using your Mobile or pad/tablets or Computers, AND you may be able to access the Medicare Rebate for these services. 

Medicare NOW provides Rebates to people who access these eligible Telehealth services (up to 10 appointments in a calendar year), however conditions apply. As with all Medicare services that attract a rebate (see 'Fees' Page), you will require a Referral form your GP for Psychological Services, this is called a Mental Health Care Plan.  ALSO, you will be required to meet Medicare eligibility conditions. These conditions relate to the requirement that you Live in a Rural, Remote or Regional area called the Monash Modified Model Areas 4 - 7.  You can check the Medicare Website to check your Location to see if you Reside in a Rural, Remote or Regional Area that is eligible for the Medicare Telehealth Rebate for your service.


Click on this Link to Read about Medicare Telehealth and the Monash Modified Model Areas. To find your Area and eligibility, go to the Health Workforce Locator page by clicking on this link Monash Modified Model Area page, then click the Monash Modified Model 2019 'checkbox', Type in your Address or postcode into the 'Find Address' box, hit return or OK.  A Map will show your Location with a Colour Code from MM1 to MM7.  To be eligible for Medicare Telehealth with a Psychologist you need to be in the MMMA Colour Codes 4 - 7.  You can always contact  ADVANCE Psychology Consulting to check if you are eligible for a Medicare Rebate for your service.


To use Telehealth via a Mobile or Internet - Skype.

You can use the Internet or your Mobile Phone to have a Telehealth Consultation.  You can call via your Mobile Phone  (iPhone or Android) and use the Video function on you Mobile.  Alternatively, you can set up Skype on your device.


You can use Skype to set up your device (Mobile, tablet, Computer, Laptop) so you can make your Telehealth consultation happen via your Mobile or the Internet.  Click here to Set Up Skype.  Or you can call ADVANCE Psychology Consulting to help you set up Skype.  Once you have set up Skype, you can arrange an appointment time with Brod, and he will call you on Skype for your appointment - no charge to you.  I'ts recommended to test your Skype connection prior to your appointment.


  Call, email or Skype  ADVANCE Psychology Consulting to discuss details or arrange your Telehealth needs, or Appointments.